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Craneglobal Environmental Technology Limited was established in 2012.
Our factory has focused in Taiwan Domestic market on air pollution prevention in past 30 years long, in Taiwan we do have over 250+ installations already and we put our full attention to make our environment better and cleaner.

Till 2012 we established Craneglobal company to focus on exporting business and want to share our installation experiences with more foreign customers then help our customers could solve the problems of air pollution in their countries.


Craneglobal Environmental Technology Limited was established in 2012.


Air pollution prevention in past 30 years long


In Taiwan we do have over 250+ installations

CraneGlobal’s Core values are 3

We wish to supply the best quality with most reasonable price for our customers to solve their problems & troubles on air pollution, odor and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


Listen to Customers voices and react to their demand at soonest time.


Take care of our team workers and treat them as a big family, further more to offer more improvement space for our team members.

Furthermore, to see our earth is facing the problem of Global warming and the air pollution is also getting worse. Our earth is now under the circumstances of “Inflammation”. With the nonstop deforestation, the temperature of Earth is getting higher and higher. At the same time, natural disasters happened more frequently thus people are suffering what we have done. In other words, the increasing air pollution is the product of people pursuing excessive civilization. We put more efforts on air pollution control technology as well. In order to offer high quality air pollution control equipment to global customers, CRANEGLOBAL technically cooperates with Japan and Korea companies since 2013. Besides that we can help our domestic customers solving the problem of odor and VOCs, domestic factories and environment can be no longer troubled by odor and VOCs. As a result, these factories can gain double benefits of achieving cost recovery and winning the reputation of environmental protection by using CraneGlobal equipment.

Hence we can keep our environment as clean as it should be so that we can breathe freely as well. Applying CraneGlobal air pollution control facility can return the pure and purge air to Earth.

To save a Green Globe for next generation is the mission with CraneGlobal sustained efforts.